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Few things are worse than a sleepless night spent worrying about the day to day maintenance items that keep showing up. How will you pay to repair or replace? With the Handyman Advantage Service Plans we give you options.




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With our unique packages, we can help you cover the unexpected costs related to the common everyday home system little nightmares that pile up. Whether it is maintaining the outdoor lighting for your safety, the thermal barrier for energy savings, or reviewing the 6 month seasonal inspection report our homecare service plan will help you maintain your home and its’ value!
SYSTEMS COVEREDDescription of Services
ELECTRICAL 1. Advantage will repair/replace light switches and wall outlets.
2. We will install fans, lights and dimmer switches.
3. We do not cover code violation or updating outlets to G.F.C.I.
4. Materials are not included in the plan.
LIGHTING1. Advantage will change hard to reach light bulbs.
2. We will change both interior and exterior lights.
3. Light bulbs are not included in plan.
PLUMBING1. Advantage will repair/replace leaking faucets and sinks.
2. We will repair/replace showerheads and valves.
3. We will repair/replace toilets and internal mechanisms.
4. Materials are not included in the plan.
HOT WATER HEATER1. Advantage will adjust the temperature settings.
2. All settings will be within the manufacturers recommendations.
3. We will light gas HWH pilot lights as necessary.
4. We will flush Hot Water Heater to remove damaging sediment.
SEWER DRAINAGE & SEPTIC SYSTEM1. Advantage will repair/replace leaking toilets.
2. Repairs will be made within the connection points.
3. We will clear interior trapped clogs.
4. We do not supply materials for repairs.
HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING1. Advantage will repair supply connections.
2. We will service connections to the point of attachment.
3. We will repair/replace exterior insulation on freon supply line.
4. We will replace damaged supply grills or return air grills.
5. We will repair/replace bath fan.
6. We will replace air return filters.
7. We do not supply the materials for repairs.
THERMAL BARRIER1. Advantage will adjust exterior doors.
2. We will adjust doorstops and weather-stripping.
3. We will adjust windows and locks.
4. All adjustments will be within the manufacturers specs.
EXTERIOR1. Advantage will inspect the exterior of the home.
2. This inspection will occur after a seasonal change.
3. We will provide a report detailing observations.
4. We will provide maintenance recommendations.
INTERIOR1. Advantage will repair dimples in the drywall surface.
2. We will repair damages from nail pops and door handles.
3. We will touch up the paint if available from homeowner.
SAFETY1. Advantage will replace Smoke Detector batteries.
2. We will replace Carbon Monoxide Detector batteries.
3. We will secure loose handrails.
4. We do not supply materials for repair or replacement.
MISC1. Advantage will re-light pilot lights for fireplaces.
2. We will also re-light hot water heaters and appliances.
OTHER REPAIRS or NUISANCE PROBLEMSAdvantage will attempt to repair other problems that
may occur, but we reserve the right to do so.
GUARANTEEAll work is Guaranteed by Advantage.