It’s time for you to take the competition in the real estate industry seriously. We do and with our new handyman home care service plans, we give you that edge you are looking for.

Give you listings the “edge” over the competition. Give your buyers “peace of mind”. At Advantage
we have designed our Handyman Homecare Service Plan for your clients.
And the best design is that the Handyman Advantage is FREE.
Yes our program for your Sellers and Buyers is FREE for 6 months!
And What’s Better Than Free!
Need more Info . . . Just call our office for details. 919.341.3788

Your Benefits . . .

Your Listings will have a perfect marketing tool!
Your Listings will stand out from the Competition!
Your Listings will have the Advantage Companies backing!
Your Listings will offer the nation’s only Handyman Warranty!
Your Listings will have a local firm focused on securing a buyer!

Your Buyers will love the service!
Your Buyers will appreciate and refer you!
Your Buyers will like the protection you provided!
Your Buyers will thank you for the “peace of mind” of the service!
Your Buyers will enjoy the comfort of their new home without the day to day hassles!

Your Seller’s Benefits . . .

SELL – Home’s with warranties sell 15% faster
HIGHER – Home’s with warranties sell for a higher price
CONFIDENCE – Buyers confidence is increased by minimizing unexpected repairs
SELLING – Selling odds are increased by 29% on homes with a warranty
REDUCES – Reduce post sale issues
LOCAL – Local support and hassle free service
MINIMIZED - Adverse negotiations are minimized from home maintenance worries

Your Buyer’s Benefits . . .

COMFORT – They will enjoy there home without the hassles of day to day home repair
PROTECTION – The Handyman Advantage will help protect the homes value
GUARANTEED – They have guaranteed service and pricing
CHOICE - The Handyman Advantage offers choices in plans and mainenance
INSURED – Service Providers are Pre-Screened and insured
ONLINE SCHEDULING – Online scheduling 7 days a week/365 days a year
COVERAGE – We cover primary residences, vacations homes and rental properties
SENSIBLE – Sensible protection against unexpected repair cost

Your client’s home is probably the most valuable asset they own. That’s why they protect it with homeowners insurance. They may even have purchased a home warranty to provide for the unexpected systems repair. But what about the day to day items that keep showing up. The constant up keep can keep you running in circles.

The Handyman Advantage is there for them. There perfect partner in maintaining their home. Whether it is maintaining the outdoor lighting for safety, the thermal barrier for energy savings or reviewing their 6 month inspection report, our homecare service plan will help them maintain their home and their home’s value.

You provide this “Peace of Mind” . . . We provide the service.
The Handyman Advantage!