Our programs are designed to bring you “Peace of Mind” during your home transaction and after settlement.  You’ve Got Questions . . . We’ve Got Answers!

What is a Handyman Service Plan?

A Handyman Service Plan is a service contract that covers the labor for repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring maintenance breakdowns in your homes systems and appliances. 

Why do I need a Handyman Service Plan?

Your home is most likely one of your biggest investments.  Unchecked maintenence and repairs can easily add up to big dollars and devaluation of your home.  Plus, finding a qualified professional to help you maintain your home and its systems can be difficult and inconvenient.  Our Handyman Service Plans offer an unprecedented level of choice and options when it comes to day-to-day home maintenance.

What are the differences in the plans?

Advantage HomeCare provides “on-call” service providers to repair or replace many of the day-to-day maintenance tasks in your home.  Advantage HomeCare Plus provides the same “on-call” service, but also pre-schedules monthly preventative maintenence service calls with built-in service reminders.  We set the schedule for your homes maintenance.

What are the plans annual costs and deductibles?

Advantage HomeCare service plan cost is $295 for the 1st year.  Annual renewable cost for the plan is $195.  Service Fee per call is $25.

Advantage HomeCare Plus service plan cost is $495 for the 1st year.  Annual renewable cost for the plan is $295.  Service Fee per call is $25.

What about tasks that are not on the Handyman list?  Will you repair those?

We will be happy to take a look at all requests and determine if we are the right fit for the request.  If so, then we can quote a price and add it to our task list.  If not, then we can refer you to one of our referral partners that will offer the service at a discounted price.

How do I benefit from your HomeCare Plan?

We offer choices.  Choose a coverage plan to fit your needs.

Our online scheduling service is there for your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accept service requests.  We also service clients by phone. 

After your service request is received, you will receive prompt, professional service from one of our approved and insured technicians.  The appointment will be confirmed by e-mail, phone and a text reminder will be sent to your phone the day before the appointment.

What is the Advantage HomeCare Logbook?

Our HomeCare Logbook is a storage place for maintenance records, home inspections, additions and remodel records.  The logbook keeps you well organized for your homes maintenance and can be a great help when time to sell your home.  Your home’s value is strengthened when your home is well organized and maintained.  Advantage HomeCare will help you maintain your logbook and offer an independent evaluation of your home’s condition.

Who are the Advantage Companies?

Advantage Companies are a Carolina based corporation which has been in business for over 2 decades.  During that time, Advantage created and launched Advantage Inspection.  Today, it has become one of the largest, independent home inspection companies in the Southeast.

During the course of performing tens of thousands of home inspections, it became apparent that there was a better way to provide more complete home warranty coverage to our client.  Thus, Advantage Home Warranty was launched in 1998 to welcome reviews.  It was the first home warranty to be underwritten by the inspection and offers the nation’s only “No Denied Claims” coverage.

In 2010 our clients asked for help with maintaining their homes, not with remodel or addition help, but with the everyday maintenance tasks that keep them running in circles.  The Advantage Handyman Service Plans were developed and implemented.  The Handyman Advantage is your perfect partner in maintaining your homes value.

What if I cannot provide the materials for your technician?  Can you provide them for me?

Our service fee is based on our client providing the materials for the maintenance.  There is a place on the service request form to let us know if you do not have the materials.  In this case we will provide the materials for your service request.  The price of the materials plus the expense (if any) to pick up/travel will be added to the calls service fee.